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1. Nepoužívej vulgární slova (nadávky)
2. Za nikoho se nevydávej (5Angels, správci)
3. Pokud to není nutné, nepiš zde žádné reklamy (odkazy na webovky atd.)

Toť vše, přejeme příjemnou zábavu! ;)
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Taking Iverheal 12mg is easier and is done with water only by swallowing a lozenge orally down the throat. Crushing or breaking the pills to make a solution is not the ideal way to take, as it is an oral pill. The only liquid item that is safer to consume than is water. Avoid using other liquids, especially alcohol, as this can reduce the effectiveness of the pills and it may take longer for the pills to work. The generic ivermectin found in Iverheal 6mg tablets works by inhibiting malicious parasitic metabolic activities.
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Jason Roy
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Jason Roy
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